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Virtual Private Servers

Our virtual private servers are our take on a mini server. What we mean by mini server, is that each VPS hosting plan is an independent split-section of a dedicated server. The four main areas where VPS hosting solutions offer the most are Security, Stability, Performance and Control over your server.

Virtual server is a notion, which stands somewhere between "shared" and "dedicated" hosting. Here, one physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers. Essentially, each such virtual server can be looked upon as being "dedicated", because a separate operation system is being installed on it according to the user's needs, which takes up the applications of one given client only. The most commonly used pieces of server virtualization software are VMware, FreeVPS, User-mode Linux, Virtuozzo, etc. The settings of the server are optimized to work with each of them and the resources it can use are much more than those offered by shared hosting. Recommended for websites and applications, which require specific operation system settings, and which generate substantial server load


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