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Offshore Team Staffing

eBusiness is synonymous with seamless worldwide business. At Data Solution, our mantra for Software Development promises we can give directives in Dallas and see them through to London; it’s true that technology knows no borders. How do we do this? We are able to offer you the best talent in the industry at a fraction of the cost other companies quote. This means you and your company are able to enjoy the advantages of fulltime personnel who work exclusively for you. In addition, you can track the progress of Data Solution from anywhere in the world. After all, we’re here for you.

Data Solution also offers you the ability to stop micromanaging and start producing. Regardless of where you are, your directives reach Data Solution in UK and are completed in real time by personnel on a full time equivalent basis. Our developers work diligently to complete and fulfill your directives leaving you time to recruit and hire individual employees or a team of programmers, software developers, coders and designers to work for you exclusively for you on a full time equivalent basis.

What We Do At Our End

  • Hire and retain the best possible employees
  • Provide infrastructure and security
  • Arrange interviews and selections
  • Maintain the programmers on our payroll
  • Confirm programmer experience and credibility
  • Ensure programmers presence and output
  • Maintain auxiliary programmers to ensure backup and continuity
  • Enforce defined coding standards and styles
  • Provide progress reports

What You Do At Your End

  • Select programmers from our talent pool or
  • Hire your own team of programmers, recruited through us
  • Define coding standards and styles or
  • Proceed with coding standards and styles defined by us
  • Delegate work to hand-picked programmers
  • Communicate continuously
  • Receive progress reports

Outsource @ 1:3 the cost !


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